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I love Chicken Fried Steak, I play Final Fantasy XIV and League of Legends when I have free time, I do have a dog named Puppy, I'm usually a one man team at web development projects but can coordinate with team if needed, I don't like spaghetti code but I love spaghetti. I have the best girlfriend in the world.

Hobbies and Interest
Name: Wesley Brian Lachenal
Birthday: July 11, 1993
Email Address: wlachenal@gmail.com
Skype: wlachenal

Latest Creation

I love developing something extraordinary that makes me feel that I can do this complicated thing!

Cyanic Framework

This bad boy is a framework for dashboard web development. It has default functionalities that can help the user / developer manage the site. Some are shown below:

  • Site management - Site information can be changed, as well as the logo of the dashboard for branding.
  • User management - Manages user data, depending on the project's requirements it can be used for different things.
  • Role management - Groups users. Role can be grouped to certain modules to what they can access. Specifically if they can add / edit / delete / view data.
  • Module management - Compiles pages into module for roles management. It also prevents disorganization of pages / files.
  • Audit Trail - It tracks record of every user's actions. From viewing, adding, editing, experiencing error and much more!

You can contact me if you have any project

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